Stockinette Dishcloth 35x30cm Blue Stripes

Made in the UK from recycled shredded cloth, diverting textile waste from landfill and giving it another use. With a high cotton content, the dish cloth is durable, reusable and machine washable. Available in various colours making it perfect for your colour coded cleaning requirements. This product is ideal for general purpose cleaning, they can be used wet or dry so it ideal for any situation. They can be used in hotels, restaurants, bars, at home or any other business that needs to be hygienic.

Key Features:

- 800g
- Washable Stockinette Cloths
- White/Blue
- Recycled Shredded Cloth
- Durable
- Reusable

  • Stock code: HCCB0001
  • Quantity: 1x10
  • Size: 35x30cm (14" x 12")
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Robert Scott
  • Colour: Blue
Eco AwareMade in the UK from 100% recycled shredded cloth.