Microfibre Flatmop

A general use cleaning pad. Launderable and highly absorbent. Can be used with SYR's Rapid Mop system.
Mop system designed for both sweeping and mopping lightly soiled areas. A thumb operated button on top of the handle pumps cleaning solution out of 3 jets placed just above the pad holder. Once used or dirtied, this solution can then be replaced or replenished via the removable pump button at the top of the handle for effective maintenance of a clean environment.

Key Features:

- 105 x 365 x 1530mm
- Rapid Mop Replacement Sleeves
- Sweeps and Mops Lightly Soiled Areas
- Replenishable

  • Stock code: JRM00002
  • Quantity: 1x10
  • Size: 21 x 138 x 471mm
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: SYR
  • Colour: Blue
Eco AwareA general use cleaning pad for the water saving Rapid Mop system. Launderable and highly absorbent. Packs of 10 packed in plastic.