V Line Martini 8.75oz (25cl)

The V Line Martini Glass offers a sophisticated options for serving martinis or other exciting cocktail inventions in any bar, pub, restaurant or hotel setting. This classic cocktail vessel is a timeless option, featuring the dramatic V shape and elegant long stem neck which together create all of the style and sophistication that martinis have come synonymous with. The glass is highly functional for use in the fast-paced food service and hospitality industries or as a fun addition for home mixologists as it is made from durable professional quality glass and is dishwasher proof.

Key Features:

- 8.75oz/25cl
- Utopia V Line Martini Glass
- Durable
- Clear
- High-Quality
- Glasswasher Safe

  • Stock code: GVLM0008
  • Quantity: 1x12
  • Size: 8.75oz (25cl)
  • Stock: Awaiting Stock
  • Brand: Utopia
  • Colour: Clear
Volume250 ml
Volume (fl oz)8.66 fl oz