Gatsby Sling Cocktail Glass 33cl (11.5oz)

The Gatsby Sling Cocktail Glass is a tasteful option for serving long cocktails or even bottled beers in any bar, restaurant, pub or hotel setting. The design is elegant and tall, with tapered sides, a short stem and footed base ensuring both style and stability. The glass is dishwasher safe and a durable option for daily use in the foodservice and hospitality industries.

Key Features:

- 11.5oz/33cl
- Utopia Gatsby Sling Glass
- Durable
- Clear
- High-Quality
- Glasswasher Safe

  • Stock code: GSCL0011
  • Quantity: 1x24
  • Size: 33cl (11.5oz)
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Utopia
  • Colour: Clear
Glasswasher SafeYes
Volume (fl oz)11.5 fl oz