Mezzo Eyewash Station Kit

The Mezzo eyewash station kit by Wallace Cameron is the ultimate product for any first aid station. Containing various applicants and treatment products, this is ideal for washing and rinsing eyes.

Key Features:

- Wallace Cameron Mezzo Eyewash Station Kit
- 2 x Eye pads
- 2 x Eyewash Pods 20ml
- 1 x Mirror
- 2 x Sterile Eyewash 500ml
- 1 x Tissues (Pack)
- 4 x Saline pods 5ml

  • Stock code: MES00001
  • Quantity: Each
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Wallace Cameron
Eyewash 500ml x 2
Eye Pad x 1
Eyewash Pods 20ml x 2
Saline Pods 5ml x 4
Soft Tissues (Pack) x 1
Mirror x 1