Mediterranean Unhandled Mini Jug 3oz (9cl)

This Mini Jug can be used for pouring gravy over a meal, it is ideal for any business such as a cafe, restaurant, hotel or any other business that sells hot food. Alternately, this can be used at home for all the family. This is a practical item that can make meal times easier to manage and more mess free. This Jug can not only be used for food, but it can be used for putting milk in hot drinks such as tea, Coffee and hot chocolate. This is good quality, long lasting, good value for money and perfect when you want to add a simple yet luxurious touch to your food display.

Key Features:

- 3oz/9cl
- Churchill Mediterranean Unhandled Mini Jug
- White
- Durable
- Strong
- Multi-Purpose
- Dishwasher Safe

  • Stock code: LCJW0004
  • Quantity: 1x24
  • Size: 3oz (9cl )
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Churchill
  • Colour: White