White Profile Plate 12" 30.5cm

Lighter in weight but no lighter on performance, the Profile range's slim and defined rolled edges ensure excellent durability whilst a 20% reduction in mass provides a more functional approach to table service. Protected by a high performance ecoglaze applied to improve performance, the 30.5cm Plate offers enhanced face profile and defined rim to showcase the very best of any menu.

Key Features:

- 12"/30.5cm
- Churchill Profile Plate
- White
- Fully Glazed
- Durable
- Stylish Design
- Microwave Safe
- Dishwasher Safe
- Rolled Edges

  • Stock code: KPVP0015
  • Quantity: 1x12
  • Size: 30.5cm (12")
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Churchill
  • Colour: White