Kristalin Bio for All Areas of the Washroom

Concentrated biological sanitary cleaner with with an advanced formulation that combines selected bacteria strains with traditional cleaning agents to eat away components found in urine and uric scale.

Key Features:

- Reduces water and labour costs, allowing continuous action during and after the application
- Eliminates the root cause of bad smell, degrading and removing organics from surfaces
- The bacteria digest grease, oil, protein, fat and starch along with other organic waste
- Removal of dirt from tile grouting, unglazed ceramics pores, marble or concrete pores, bathroom fixtures, between fibres, as well as from waste pipe drain systems in high-traffic public washrooms and toilets.

  • Stock code: CELAB258
  • Quantity: 2x5.0Ltr
  • Size: 5Ltr
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  • Brand: Ecolab