InnuScience Nu-Karpet Kare Conc. Cleaner/Stain

A concentrated biotechnological cleaner and stain remover that leaves an active bacterial flora that effortlessly eliminates sources of bad odours. Approved for use on wool carpets and rugs in accordance with the WoolSafe organisations stringent standards, the stain remover is a high quality cleaner.

Key Features:

- InnuScience Nu-Karpet Kare Cleaner
- Eliminates Bad Odours
- Continuous cleaning action
- Wool-safe accredited
- Biotechnology based
- Safe for People & Planet

  • Stock code: CINN0015
  • Quantity: 1x5Ltr
  • Size: 5Ltr
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: InnuScience
  • Colour: Clear
Eco AwareLow aquatic toxicity, Readily Biodegradeable, Concentrated