Medium Coffee Filter Paper Bravilor

Unique combination: freshly brewed filter coffee made of ground beans and the variety of various instant hot beverages, fresh filter coffee from the bean. At the press of a button the FreshGound 310 offers freshly brewed filter coffee, by the cup or decanter. The grinder ensures perfectly ground beans. Equipped with transparent bean canister with lockable lid. The coffee beans are visible on top of the machine and intensify the fresh appearance.
Also equipped with two transparent canisters for more possibilities. Besides freshly brewed filter coffee this machine fresh espresso and fresh cappuccino and other specialties such as chocolate, espresschoc, café au lait, moccachino and hot water (separate hot water tap). All geared to your personal taste (adjustable settings) and with the option to add milk in the coffee. Robust stainless steel housing, fast and user friendly, little maintenance (automatic descaling system and rinsing program). The Bravilor Bonamat unique hot water system makes the machine less susceptible to scale formation. Pre-prepared for communication with various paying systems.

  • Stock code: VFP01000
  • Quantity: 1x250
  • Size: Medium (85/245mm)
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Bravilor
  • Colour: White