Bistro Champagne Coupe 24cl (8.5oz)

A renewed interest in champagne and similar bubbly beverages has fuelled a revival in saucer and coupe glassware. Although the more common flute is still a much sought design, the saucer or coupe shape provides an elegant and classic alternative. The 8.5oz Bistro offering from Utopia is a prime example of beautiful form and impressive performance for the bubbles or cocktails of your choice.

Key Features:

- 8.5oz (24cl)
- Utopia Bistro Champagne Coupe
- Clear
- Glasswasher Safe
  • Stock code: GBCC0001
  • Quantity: 1x12
  • Size: 24cl (8.5oz)
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Utopia
  • Colour: Clear
Volume240 ml
Volume (fl oz)8.5 fl oz