Rinse Aid Multi Soft/Med Water 5Ltr

A blend of low foaming surfactants to promote rapid drying of drinking glasses. Eliminates water spotting and provides a sparkling, streak free result. Will not affect beer head retention. For all types of automatic machines, in all water conditions.
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  • Quantity: 1x5Ltr
  • Size: 5 Ltr
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  • Brand: Evans Vanodine
Eliminates water spotting to provide sparkling streak free results.
• Effective in all water conditions.
• Suitable for use in all types of automatic dish & glass washing machines.
• Also recommended for use in combi ovens.
Dispense into automatic dish or glasswash machine through an electronic dispenser at a
ratio of 1 - 2 ml per litre, or in accordance with the machine manufacturer's instructions.
Volume5000 ml (5 litres)