Tork LinStyle® 39cm Dinner Napkins Anthracite

Creating a real tabletop sensation, the 39cm x 39cm LinStyle® Anthracite Napkin is suitable for both traditional classic table settings and more contemporary concepts. The products material makeup gives it a quality feel and performance to bring any occasion an increased sense of luxury. These dinner napkins are a premium choice that keeps diners happy. This durable design reduces laundry costs as well as efficiently cleans spill due to the high absorbency the paper towels possess.

Key features:

- 39cm
- Tork LinStyle® Dinner Napkins
- Anthracite
- Non-Woven napkin
- Extra Durability
- Sves Laundry Costs
- Noticeably Softer Than Standard Napkins
FSC Certified

  • Stock code: TTDN0001
  • Quantity: 12x50
  • Size: 39cm
  • Stock: Awaiting Stock
  • Brand: Tork
  • Colour: Anthracite
Thickness1 Ply
FSC CertifiedYes
Eco AwarePackaging made from at least 30% recycled plastics