Tork LinStyle® 39cm Dinner Napkin 8-Fold Black

Tork Premium LinStyle Napkins support full-service restaurants, where quality is important to impress your guests. Look and feel of real textile, each napkin is noticeably softer and bulkier than standard paper napkins, while being extra absorbent.

Key Features:

- Non-woven napkin
- Durability and comfort, the Tork LinStyle napkin will last throughout the dinner
- Engage with guests through custom print - 75% of napkin users read the message
- Tork Easy Handling Shelf-Ready Box - for easier opening and disposing of packaging and easier display of products

FSC MIX Credit | SA-COC-008266 | Food contact approved certified by a third party | 19102022 | Expiry date: 2025-10-18 | Tork is committed to creating a more sustainable life away from home by improving well-being in the work place, supporting sustainable consumption, and designing products and services that fit into a circular society.
FSC Certified

  • Stock code: TNA80001
  • Quantity: 12x50
  • Size: 39cm
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Tork
  • Colour: Black
Thickness1 Ply
FSC CertifiedYes
Eco Aware81.6g plastic (packaging), FSC Certified, Food Contact Approved for Wiping, Tork Easy Handling Packaging