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Refrigerator Storage Safety Sign 300x200 S/A

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Size 300 x 200mm
Colour Printed
Pack Size Each


This Sign Reads:
Important Notice For Catering Staff
Ensure that raw and cooked items are stored separately.
Remove wrapping materials from raw meat and store meat in a suitable container.
Store raw meat below other foods.
Ensure that all items are stored correctly and allow for free circulation of air.
Store strong smelling food in a suitable air tight container.
Store foodstuff in a suitable container.
Refrigerators should be regularly defrosted and be thoroughly cleaned with an odourless bacteriological detergent.
Ensure that your refrigerator is operating at the correct temperature.
0 Degrees C to +4 Degrees C
(+32 Degrees C to +40 Degrees C)
Check that doors have good seals, are close fitting and not left open unnecessarily.

Never store foodstuff in open tins and cardboard boxes.
Never store food on the floor.
Never store hot foods in the refrigerator.
Never use a kettle or other sharp instruments to chip away ice when defrosting a refrigerator.

Length300 mm (30 cm)
Width200 mm (20 cm)