Forte Havana Recycled 2 Ply V Fold Handtowel

An excellent addition to any commercial establishment, the Bulkysoft Havana 2 ply V fold hand towels are an eco natural alternative to regular hand towels. Utilising 100% recycled paper, the Forte Havana range boasts the EU ecolabel certification which is one of the highest awards for environmental compliance. Uncompromising in quality as well, the kraft hand towels also provides extra absorbency than regular hand towels.

Key Features:

- V Fold
- 2 Ply
- Bulkysoft Forte Havana Hand Towels
- EU Ecolabel Certification
- Kraft
- Unbleached
Nordic Swan Ecolabel

  • Stock code: HKHF0001
  • Quantity: 1x4000
  • Size: 21x20cm
  • Stock: Awaiting Stock
  • Brand: BulkySoft
  • Colour: Kraft
EU EcolabelYes
Eco AwareProduced using materials diverted from landfill, cardboard boxes for example.
Sheets per roll/pack200
Thickness2 Ply