Tork Centrefeed Dispenser White

The Tork centrefeed dispenser is perfect for fast-paced kitchens and high-traffic workplaces. The wall-mounted Tork centrefeed dispenser provides a moder solution to cleaning as well a versatile functionality. The dispenser is designed for easy cleaning and has a durable structure. The dispenser also has a one-handed operation that allows for easy use. A high capacity reduces refills which increases productivity in staff.

Key Features:

- Tork Centrefeed Dispenser
- Improve overall hygiene due to easy cleaning
- Versatile lock mechanism helps control misuse
- One hand operation makes it easy to use
- Free flow dispensing for flexibility and cross contamination control

Tork is committed to creating a more sustainable life away from home by improving well-being in the work place, supporting sustainable consumption, and designing products and services that fit into a circular society.

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  • Colour: White