Tramontina Century Santoku Knife 7"

Santoku Knife, a popular variation to the chef's knife, often referred to as a 'Japanese chef's knife'. 'Santoku' means 'good at 3 things' – cutting, slicing and mincing. Often available with a Granton (dimpled) blade to prevent food sticking and to allow for more efficient slicing. This knife has an ultra-sharp straight-edge blade which cuts smoothly. Which is also wide for an easy transfer of ingredients with a low tip ideal for intricate cutting and boning. Granton edge knives feature hollowed out sections running along both sides of the blade. When slicing meat, the grooves create a small air space between the product being cut and the knife to ease slicing. Granton edge knives are often preferred when slicing thin portions of poultry, roasts, or ham.

  • Stock code: LTSK0004
  • Quantity: Each
  • Size: 7"
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  • Brand: Tramontina
  • Colour: Black
BladeStraight Edge