Timeless Vintage Martini 23cl (8oz)

A classic. The Timeless Vintage Martini glass from Utopia, as the name suggests, transcends time to fit any establishment from traditional cocktail lounges to contemporary bars and everything in between. Providing a look of an elegant past that has remained relevant for decades since, the vessel inspires and uplifts any drinks menu to new heights. Produced to an exceptional standard, this glassware is sure to impress the customer and consistently perform over an extensive life.

Key Features:

- 8oz/23cl
- Utopia Timeless Vintage Martini Glass
- Durable
- Clear
- High-Quality
- Glasswasher Safe

  • Stock code: GTVM0008
  • Quantity: 1x12
  • Size: 8oz (23cl)
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Utopia
  • Colour: Clear
Glasswasher SafeYes
Volume (fl oz)8 fl oz