BS8599-1:2019 - Large Workplace Kit

The large workplace kits reflect the changes that are occurring in both the workplace practices that are being undertaken and the risks that come with these changes. These kits are excellently equipped to deal with the modern working environments making them much more "fit for purpose". So show that your establishment is focused on meeting the legal obligations under the health and safety act.

Key Features:

- 2019 - Large Workplace Kit
- Includes:
- 2x Burnsoothe / Reliburn Burn Relief Dressing 10x10cm
- 2x Conforming Bandage
- 4x Single Use Triangular Bandage
- 1x Burn Dressing
- 4x Eye Pad Dressing With Sterile Bandage
- 4x Finger Dressing
- 8x HSE Medium Dressing
- 2x HSE Large Dressing
- 3x Adult Foil Blanket
- 12x Pairs of Nitrile Gloves
- 1x Guidance Leaflet
- 100x Dependaplast Washproof Plasters
- 2x Resuscitation Device
- 1x Shears
- 1x Microporous Tape
- 40x Cleansing Wipes
- 24x Safety Pins

  • Stock code: MWK00003
  • Quantity: Each
  • Size: 30.5x34.5x10.5cm
  • Stock: Awaiting Stock
  • Brand: Reliance Medical
  • Colour: Green
Eco AwareCrafted from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.