HypaClens 2x500ml Eyewash Station Complete

If there is a risk to workers eyes from dust, small particles or liquids in your workplace, you should ensure there's quick and easy access to eye-rinsing facilities. The HypaClens Eye Wash Station is a highly economical way of providing eyewash in an easily accessible, high-visibility location. This plastic wall panel can be secured in place with nails or screws via the predrilled holes in each corner. The station includes two 500ml bottles of HypaClens sterile eyewash, meeting HSE recommendations for providing at least 1 litre of eyewash. The station also includes two eye dressings for protecting the eye following an injury, and a mirror to aid with on-the-spot self-treatment.

Key Features:

- 2 x 500ml
- HypaClens Eye Wash Station
- Clear
- High-Quality
- Sterile

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  • Quantity: Each
  • Size: 2x500ml
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