Raku Topaz Blue Chef's Oblong Plate 29.8x15.3cm

With a gorgeous topaz blue tone, the Studio Prints Raku range celebrates the re-emergence of studio pottery. Utilisation of traditional methods of glazing gives the collection a more authentic feel, whilst providing each and every piece with a beautiful delicately shimmering surface. Produced with rigour, the 11.75" x 6" Chef's Oblong Plate is not only stunning to the eye but impressive in its performance.

Key Features:

- 11.75 x 6"/29.8 x 15.3cm
- Churchill Raku Oblong Plate
- Topaz Blue
- Fully Glazed
- Durable
- Stylish Design
- Dishwasher Safe
  • Stock code: KRTB0009
  • Quantity: 1x12
  • Size: 29.8 x 15.3cm (11.75 x 6")
  • Stock: Awaiting Stock
  • Brand: Churchill
  • Colour: Topaz Blue
Length295 mm (29.5 cm)