Oasis Pro Toilet Bowl Cleaner

A highly viscous toilet cleaner that not only removes organic build-up and scale but also improves efficiency by helping to prevent re-soiling. Preventing the reloading of dirt, this toilet cleaner is both an effective daily and maintenance cleaner.

Key Features:

- Highly viscous formulation
- Easily removes organic build-up and hard water scale
- High-quality surfactants prevent re-soiling
- Significant reduction of packaging waste of minimum 70% vs traditional pack sizes.

  • Stock code: CELAB028
  • Quantity: 2x2Ltr
  • Size: 2Ltr
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Ecolab
Eco AwareHighly concentrated, Reduces Packaging, shipping weights, one pouch makes up to 400 refill bottles, Reduces packaging waste by 98%