C4SC Conc Hard Surface Cleaner

This Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser is a highly efficient surface cleaner for use on heavy soiling and caramelised grease and grime.
You should ensure that this product is used within 12 months of purchase.
Neat product may cause damage to plant and animal life.
Do not allow to enter surface waterways.
In the event of a spillage, contact the police, local water authority or Environmental Agency immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: Formerly C4 Heavy Duty Cleaner (Concentrate)

  • Stock code: CDHC0004
  • Quantity: 2x1.5Ltr
  • Size: 1.5Ltr
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  • Brand: Winterhalter
A powerful blend of surfactants, sequestrants and alkaline builders for the removal of a wide range of soiling, inc. oil & grease on cookers, extraction fans & canopy hoods. Also for exterior areas on fat fryers, cook and hold ovens and other cooking appliances.