KitchenPro Wash N Walk Floor Cleaner

A dedicated kitchen surface cleaner for use on floors to eliminate accumulated fats and grease. Designed specifically for use in catering environments, this floor cleaner ensures greater safety as it leaves floors cleaner and with a non-slip finish. With a rinse-free formula, this kitchen degreaser can be quickly and easily applied to floor surfaces manually and left to dry naturally.

Key Features:

- Up to 50% less water consumption
- Saves energy as only requires cold water
- Improves operational efficiency as no rinse is needed after application
- Increased labour efficiency due to one-step cleaning
- Improves staff safety by improving floor slip resistance.

  • Stock code: CELAB291
  • Quantity: 2x2Ltr
  • Size: 2Ltr
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  • Brand: Ecolab
Eco AwareHighly concentrated, Reduces Packaging, shipping weights, one pouch makes up to 400 refill bottles, Reduces packaging waste by 98%