ChemEco Bio Cleaning Tablet Drain Blockage & Odour

Containing specialised microbial strains, these bio cleaning tablets have beneficial bacteria to penetrate porous surfaces, breakdown fats, grease and fruit pulp, and remove blockages and odours. They are safe to use in blocked drains, septic tanks, showers, toilets, slippery floors, and grease traps.

Key Features:

- 20 Tablets Per Tube
- ChemEco Bio Cleaning Tablets
- White
- Specialised Microbial Strains
- Breakdown Fats, Grease and Fruit Pulp Excellently
- Sustainable

  • Stock code: CECO0006
  • Quantity: 1 Tube
  • Size: 20 Tablets per tube
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: ChemEco
  • Colour: White
Eco AwareMicrobial / Enzyme and Citric acid based drain unblocker