Suma Select PUR-ECO A7 Rinse Aid Safe Pack

Suma Select Pur-Eco A7 is a concentrated neautral rinse additive which has been specially formulated for use in a wide range of commercial warewashers. The blend of non-ionic surfactants is designed to lower the surface tension of the final rinsing water. This prevents droplets forming whilst also decreasing drying times. This special blend also prevents heavy foaming in the dish wash machine too.

Key Features:

- Suma Select Pur-Eco A7 Rinse Aid Safe Pack
- 10 Litre
- Formulated for Commercial Warewashers
- Prevents Heavy Foaming
- EU Ecolabel Certified
Nordic Swan EcolabelNordic Swan Ecolabel

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  • Quantity: 1x10Ltr
  • Size: 10Ltr
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  • Brand: Diversey
Eco AwareHDPE Plastic bottle and Cardboard
EU EcolabelYes
Nordic Swan EcolabelYes