Servipack Clear Lid for 4oz / 7oz Delipot

Clear Servipack Delipots allow the customer to see what they're about to enjoy. Whether they are layers of fruit, yoghurt or any other bright culinary delights, the contents are shown to further entice the customer and really get those taste buds going. A versatile product, suitable not only for desserts but all food types, the delipot is ideal for takeaway and cafe usage.

Key Features:

- 4oz / 7oz
- Servipack Delipot Lid
- Clear
- Disposable

  • Stock code: DCDPL007
  • Quantity: 1x1000
  • Size: 4oz/7oz
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Colour: Clear
Eco AwareRPET with over 30% recycled content