115mm Dome PLA Lid (Fits 12-32oz) Soup Container

A Vegware innovation! The first compostable clear domed lid for our 12-32oz soup containers! This domed lid offers sparkling presentation for heaps of toppings on your ice-cream or frozen yoghurt, or for colourful cold salads. Instead of plastic, it's made of plant-based PLA, with less CO2 embodied carbon than plastic.

Key Features:

- 115mm Diameter
- Vegware Compostable Domed CPLA Lid
- Recyclable
- Clear

  • Stock code: DSCCL013
  • Quantity: 1x500
  • Size: 12-32oz (115mm Dia)
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Colour: Clear
Eco AwareCommercially Compostable