Cups and Lids


Premier rPET Tumbler Half Pint to Line CE 28cl CE

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30% rPET Tumbler Pint to Brim UKCA

  • Stock code: DGPR0030
  • In Stock

30% rPET Tumbler Half Pint to Brim UKCA

  • Stock code: DGPR0031
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8oz rPET Tulip Tumbler 23cl - 8oz

  • Stock code: DGRP0001
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10oz rPET Tulip Tumbler 28cl - 10oz

  • Stock code: DGRP0002
  • In Stock

9oz Squat rPET Tumbler 25.6cl - 9oz

  • Stock code: DGRP0004
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12-14oz rPET Tumbler 12-14oz

  • Stock code: DGRP0005
  • In Stock

16oz rPET Tumbler 45cl - 16oz

  • Stock code: DGRP0006
  • In Stock

20oz rPET Tumbler 57cl - 20oz

  • Stock code: DGRP0007
  • In Stock

rPET Dome Lid with No Hole For Tulip Tumbler

  • Stock code: DGRPL002
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