Lift & Lock 12/16oz Moulded Fibre Lid White

Made from sugarcane plant fibre, the Lift & lock moulded fibre lid is an excellent alternative to plastic lids. Certified for industrial composting, the moulded fibre white lid would be ideal for any commercial establishment looking to reduce their impact on the natural environment.

Key Features:

- Fits 12 / 16oz
- go-pak Lift & Lock Lid
- Moulded Fibre
- White
- Durable

  • Stock code: DAC00056
  • Quantity: 1x1000
  • Size: 12/16oz
  • Stock: Awaiting Stock
  • Brand: Go-Pak UK
  • Colour: White
Industrial CompostableYes
Eco AwarePFAS Free, Sugarcane Plant Fibre
PFAS FreeYes